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Classic Massage

Classic Massage

When to use Classic Massage?

  • in case of fatigue and muscle tension,
  • low activity level, sedentary lifestyle,
  • stress and rush,
  • sleeping disorders.

Classic Massage, also known as Swedish Massage, is the most popular type of massage. It improves mood, combats fatigue, and reduces muscle tension. Thanks to a number of effective techniques, it stimulates circulation, facilitates the removal of metabolic wastes, and strengthens the bones, joints and muscles. It promotes regeneration & recharge and eliminates detrimental effects of stress. If used regularly, it prevents skin aging and sagging, makes your muscles firmer and improves overall health condition, becoming an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.
It may be applied either to full body or back only, as needed. In medical conditions, Classic Massage Therapy for health purposes is used.

What are the benefits of Classic Massage?

  • improvement of mood,
  • reduction of stress and its negative effects, such as insomnia, headaches, neuralgia,
  • relief of fatigue, reduction of muscle tension,
  • skin rejuvenation, firming and smoothing.
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