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Massage and treatments for pregnant women

Pregnancy is an exceptional, wonderful stage in women’s lives. However, it is the time when everyone focuses on the baby. We will take care of both of you – you and your baby – so that it will be one of the most memorable periods in your life. You are in good hands. Our therapist is highly qualified and experienced in performing mom-to-be massages. During treatment we use only natural cosmetics.

Mastell gives you an opportunity to get back to shape fast, without invasive treatments or major sacrifices. We will do everything so that you can feel and look fabulous!

Massage for pregnant women

Latest research demonstrate that massage for pregnant women (a prenatal massage) is a safe and pleasant therapy, which significantly improves physical and mental conditions of pregnant women. It helps reduce and prevent most frequent pregnancy conditions, prepares the body for increased efforts and overload related to delivery, and promotes fast recovery after childbirth. Systematic massages will remove muscle tension and overload, reducing pain. Therefore, as of the 12th week of gestation, it is worth to start regular massages to help moms-to-be keep fit, chill and unwind. Prenatal massage is performed in a sitting, reclining or recumbent position, with the application of natural oils, by a professional masseur trained in prenatal massages. To qualify, you must be 3- to 9-months pregnant (between 12th and 36th week gestation) and there must not be any pregnancy complications or contraindications to massages. Such contraindications to massages include, amongst other things, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes meticulous in pregnancy, inflammatory conditions, anaemia, or abnormal pregnancy course. Before treatment, your gynaecologist should give his/her consent to prenatal massage.

What are the benefits of Massage for pregnant women?

  • effective reduction and prevention of back, muscle, and joint pain,
  • increased blood and lymph circulation, prevention of or decreased leg and feet oedema,
  • body weight control,
  • ideal anti-stretch-mark prophylaxis,
  • off-sets suppleness and elasticity loss of the breasts and the skin on your belly,
  • guaranteed fast pre-pregnancy body back,
  • good physical fitness,
  • rest, relaxation and well-being of moms and babies,
  • development of body awareness, necessary to actively participate in the childbirth process,
  • reduced pain and complications at childbirth.
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Back Massage for pregnant women

Intensive, deep massage, the purpose of which is to relax the muscles in the lumbosacral and paravertebral region, along the whole spine, and in the nape and neck. It is ideal for sore, tense muscles and a perfect way to relax after a hard, stressful day.

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Chocolate Massage for pregnant women

Chocolate Massage is pure magic – it is a ritual employing natural, warm chocolate. It relaxes and pampers your senses, instantly revitalizing your skin (dry and rough in particular). It replenishes, moisturises, and intensely nourishes your skin, leaving it ideally smooth for long. Splendid chocolate scent enveloping your body in combination with delicate, soft touch of warm chocolate stimulate endorphin expression, calm downs, and fully satisfy your skincare needs. It is well-suited also for breast-feeding moms.

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Post-Childbirth Revitalization Massage

Post-Childbirth Revitalization Massage may be performed as early as 6-8 weeks after giving birth, provided that the postnatal period is normal. It is recommended to all women, irrespective of the method of delivery (natural, C-section). Massage prevents consolidation of changes in the skin (slack, loose skin, reduced tone, stretch-marks), which was exposed to excessive stretching during pregnancy. It restores normal operation to overloaded, tense muscles (especially those in the neck, back, and shoulders), reduces swelling, and helps get back your correct posture after pregnancy. Massage will also restore harmony, deeply relax, unwind, improve your well-being and reduce fatigue. If you have had a C-section, it is worth taking care of your scar, i.e. softening it and making it more flexible. The optimum massage frequency is a series of 8 to 12, depending on given patient’s needs.

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