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Face care with Klapp Cosmetics

Why KLAPP Cosmetics?
Klapp Cosmetics is the leading European manufacturer of cosmetics which combine the care for body beauty and fitness. It has been a repeated winner of the Beauty Award, the most prestigious professional cosmetics award on the demanding German market. The brand offers a wide assortment of products meeting nearly every skin type and need. Each beauty line stands out thanks to its innovative sets designed for personalised therapies and a great diversity of preparations providing infinite possibilities of composing a unique course of treatments or one-time care.


A rejuvenating treatment for demanding skin

Do you want your skin to be gleaming, smooth and free of wrinkles again? Do you feel that it needs strengthening and moisturising? Self-regeneration processes in the epidermis can be stimulated by providing the skin with a high dose of vitamin A in the form of retinol, and vitamins C and E. Orange extract is a component which will lighten the skin even more. It will be again properly moisturised, become firmer, smoother and look much younger.

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A moisturising and regenerating treatment

Have you got a problem with dry and tense skin? You can change that by using “the elixir of youth” in the form of milk proteins. Milk proteins in the Skin Renovator Mask are the elixir of youth discovered in the antiquity by Cleopatra. They acquired the name thanks to the wealth of life-giving elements: copper, potassium, zinc, cobalt, calcium, iodine, vitamins A, D, C, K, B-group vitamins, fatty acids and protein. The treatment will reduce the unpleasant dehydration effect and the stimulated skin functions will give a long-lasting effect of smooth, firm and moisturised skin.

The treatment in the beauty centre can be continued at home with the following cosmetics: X-Treme Lipid Protection and Immune Daily Cream Protection.

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Beautiful Eyes

A treatment for the area around eyes that can accompany any face care

Are your eyes strained because of working long in front of a computer? Do swelling and dark circles under the eyes bother you? The application of velvety hydrogel eye patches moistened with aromatic orange extract will soothe the skin and bring the youth glow back to the eyes in just 30 minutes.

The treatment received in a beauty salon can be continued at home by applying the A Classic Hydrogel Eye Patches twice a week and A Classing Eye Care Cream twice a day.

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Velvet Lips

A regenerating and beauty treatment for the lips that can accompany any face care

Dry, scaly and chapped lips is a frequent complaint especially in winter. It can be also a problem for people after laser treatments, fruit acid exfoliation or permanent make-up application. The richness of active substances such as DNA-Marine complex, vegetable oils, vitamins A, E and C, panthenol and allantoin balances deficiencies, reduces scaling, improves colour and supports regeneration processes. The treatment can be given regardless of the skin type and age.

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