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Power Effect - an energising ritual for men

The package includes an energizing full-body massage and an extremely relaxing face and head massage.

An energizing aromatherapy massage is a unique procedure based on classic and sports massage techniques, finished with a relaxing neck massage. The massage reduces the level of stress hormone – cortisol, thus it strengthens the immune system. Moreover, it reduces tiredness, relaxes muscles, perfectly tranquillizes, fills with energy and calms negative emotions.

Face and head massage is a wonderful way to relax. It relaxes, strengthens facial muscles, relaxes neck and shoulder muscles, makes all accumulated tension flow away. It improves blood circulation, brings relief from headaches and eliminates fatigue. Facial massage improves skin condition and keeps it in good shape.

For the ritual we use the highest quality, certified macadamia oil with men’s fragrance. Macadamia oil creates a protective film on the skin which reinforces its protective barrier. It restores comfortable skin tension and firmness, smoothes, softens and activates regenerative functions of the skin.

Warm Oil Relaxation Massage

Warm Oil Relaxation Massage is one of the most popular massage types – a mysterious, sensual ritual for the body, soul and mind. It offers deep relaxation and restores energy and strength. Depending on your preferences, massage can be performed very gently or with a little more pressure, as we all perceive relaxation in a different manner. Whether less or more gentle, it is always performed with top quality warm oil available in several sensual fragrances in a dedicated room. Oils indulge your skin with delightful warm sensation, while massage, applied with slow, soft, rhythmical movements, in candle-lit interiors filled with soothing music and sensual fragrance, reduces muscle tension and stress, makes you relaxed and in excellent mood. It has a positive effect on the nervous system, restores normal heart rate, and improves circulation and skin condition.

Classic Massage

When to use Classic Massage?

  • in case of fatigue and muscle tension,
  • low activity level, sedentary lifestyle,
  • stress and rush,
  • sleeping disorders.

Classic Massage, also known as Swedish Massage, is the most popular type of massage. It improves mood, combats fatigue, and reduces muscle tension. Thanks to a number of effective techniques, it stimulates circulation, facilitates the removal of metabolic wastes, and strengthens the bones, joints and muscles. It promotes regeneration & recharge and eliminates detrimental effects of stress. If used regularly, it prevents skin aging and sagging, makes your muscles firmer and improves overall health condition, becoming an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.
It may be applied either to full body or back only, as needed. In medical conditions, Classic Massage Therapy for health purposes is used.

What are the benefits of Classic Massage?

  • improvement of mood,
  • reduction of stress and its negative effects, such as insomnia, headaches, neuralgia,
  • relief of fatigue, reduction of muscle tension,
  • skin rejuvenation, firming and smoothing.
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Spinal Massage Therapy

When to use Spinal Massage Therapy?

  • in case of pain in the spinal area (nape of the neck, shoulders, low back),
  • muscle stiffness, tension and pain,
  • numbness of the neck, head, hands, thighs or bottom,
  • migraine or tension-headaches,
  • postural defects, discopathy,
  • limitations consequential to contractures of the muscular/ligamentous apparatus.

Spinal Massage Therapy (back, nape and neck massage) is an ideal remedy for muscle stiffness caused by stress or a sedentary lifestyle. Its objective is to treat disorders by working on body tissues with pressure. This has both direct and indirect impact on the whole body. It reduces muscle tension, while relieving pain and relaxing at the same time, advances muscle regeneration, and increases their elasticity. It has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, skin and joints. It preserves the balance of the nervous system by either soothing or stimulating it, depending on the intensity of techniques applied. Techniques used in massage therapy are tailor-made, i.e. fitted to the severity of one’s condition and individual response to massage treatment. In order to normalize muscle tension, our therapists combine Classic Massage, deep tissue, or trigger point therapy techniques. A single session of Spinal Massage Therapy is enough to bring relief. However, for the best effect and long-term pain reduction, you should attend several or a dozen or so sessions. Every consecutive session is to increase tissue relaxation, but above all, to reinforce the changes and effects.

What are the benefits of Spinal Massage Therapy?

  • significant reduction of back pain and headaches,
  • reduction of muscle tension,
  • relief of movement disorders,-
  • improved sense of well-being for long
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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is an integral part of training. It is based on classic massage and massage therapy techniques. It is intended for both professionals and amateurs. The main purpose of Sports Massage is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of muscles, to prevent injuries, combat increased stress/physical loading, and shorten muscle recovery time after physical exercise. All massage techniques are applied with high intensity, which is to warm up the tissues and muscles. The type of Sports Massage depends on sports you practice and it is fitted to individual needs.

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